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TAU MedTech Hackathon Set of Rules


Participation Rules

1. The students participating in the event must be active students from one of the following faculties at Tel Aviv University: Faculty of Medicine; the Faculty of Engineering; Computer Science Faculty; Safra Center for Bioinformatics; Sagol school of Neuroscience; Global MBA program of the Coller School of Management. The participation will be open for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs.

1.1 Notwithstanding the above, the Hackathon Organizers would have the sole discretion to approve other participants who do not meet the aforesaid criteria.

2. The participants will be able to register as a lone or as a group of up to six (6) participants. Every group/participant would have to choose two (2) preferable challenges. Students who did not enter themselves as a part of a team, or registered themselves to a group smaller than six (6) will be grouped by the Hackathon Organizers.

2.1 The Hackathon Organizers will have the sole discretion while grouping participants and assigning the challenges.


The contest

3. There will be two phases to the contest

3.1 In the first phase, the hackathon organizers will divide the groups under the different challenge routes of the six medical institutions participating. Each medical institution will give its own challenge.

3.2 In the second phase - the finals, the team that had won each challenge track will advance to the final.



4. In the first phase of the contest there will be three (3) judges; one (1) is a representee from the challenge giver, and two (2) from the relevant scientific field of the challenge.

5. In the second phase there will be six (6) judges; The judges will possess a relevant background to the competition. The Hackathon organizers will have the sole discretion to decide who will be the judges.

6. The judges will judge the teams’ performances based upon professional criterias, such as creativity, originality, quality of the code, optimization, architecture, etc. Such decisions shall be in accordance with the judges’ sole discretion, which shall be final and absolute, no claim and/or demand and/or suit of any kind shall be considered or accepted in this regard.



7. The prizes that will be awarded to the winners of the competition (final stage):

7.1 First place - The winning team shall participate in the Grand Medicine Hack by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it shall win an “Accelerator for Startups Program” by Microsoft For Startups and ten (10) consulting  hours from Barnea & Co. Law Firm.

7.2 Second place - The team shall participate in “Leumit Weccelerate” accelerator and will receive five (5) consulting hours from Barnea & Co. Law Firm.

7.3 Third Place - The team shall participate in a TAU accelerator and will receive two (2) consulting hours from Barnea & Co. Law Firm.

8. For the avoidance of any doubt, the prizes will be given to the winning teams in the final stage.


Intellectual Property

9. All intellectual property rights that may rise during the Hackathon by participants who are not working for the medical institution will be the sole property of the participating teams and students.

10. By any accordance to the mentioned above, any raising of intellectual property rights that will rise to any medical institution and/or its employees during the competition, will remain the sole property of the medical institution and can be bound to an agreement with the medical institution.

11. Students from Master and Doctorate programs will be obliged not to participate in any related challenge to their research field and/or develop developments based on the research they carry out for the research laboratory in which they participate as part of the degree. If a participant meets one of the mentioned above, he or she will report immediately to the Hackathon Organizers.

Incentives to the participating medical centers

In case whereas the participating team in the specific challenge given by each of the medical institution will continue the development of the product, the relevant medical institution will receive:

12. A discounted ten (10) year permitted license for the product whereas the product will be software based or hardware based;

12.1 Software - implementation and sustainability prices.

12.2 Hardware - marginal cost of any Hardware piece and physical transfer costs.

13. If the team continues to develop the product the relevant medical institution will receive a twenty percent (20%) discount on a share price during the relevant fundraising round. relevant fundraising round shall mean either the first or second rounds, subject to the sole decision of the medical institution.

14. The medical institution shall be given a first right of refusal to make a clinical research on the emerging product of the relevant group (in cases whereas clinical research is necessary). The performance of the clinical research will be against payment to the medical institution and in accordance with agreement between the parties.



15. The responsibility for any damage that may be caused to any of the participating students will be at the sole responsibility of the participants in the competition. No direct or indirect liability will apply to the organizers of the competition and/or the medical institutions.


Confidentiality (Non-disclosure)

16. Each participant undertakes to maintain complete and absolute confidentiality regarding the intellectual property to which he was exposed as part of the work in his group and/or in other groups.


Governing Agreement

17. It is hereby clarified that this agreement is a translation of the original agreement in Hebrew and therefore the governing agreement in an event of any litigation proceedings is the agreement in Hebrew.

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